Thursday, August 31, 2006

AJAX - A Year Later

I've been following AJAX and it's integration into our 'webbed' world for a while now. This article takes a look at the current state of AJAX and how it's come along

Making it possible is Ajax (Asynchronous JAvaScript and XML), a programming technique that lends Web sites the same kinds of interactivity and speed that desktop programs have traditionally had. With Ajax, we'll no longer need desktop applications. Our data will be available to us everywhere we go, because it will all be stored on Ajax-based Web sites. Who needs Microsoft or other makers of desktop software? We're finally free! That's the hype, anyway. But is it actually true?

Some of the best sites that are now using AJAX are listed on pages two to seven.  When I first heard of AJAX I started to learn to use it, going so far as to get a book from the local chapters.  When I asked if they had one they said, 'no'.  When I asked if they could get one they said, 'no'.  And along with everything else in my life I just let it go and decided not to bother.  It's a shame because it seems like a useful piece of knowledge to have these days.

I thought it may just be a passing fancy at first, but it looks like it may be worth looking into again.

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